Paxos is a small, unspoiled island just a short distance with the ferry from Corfu Island. The island is about twelve kilometers long which enables a practiced walker to explore virtually the whole island without using bike, taxi, or bus. It has a small population which is about 2,300 permanent residents living in Gaios, Loggos, Lakka, and a scattering of tiny hamlets.

Still unspoiled and covered in olive and pine trees and the occasional church, it attracts people who come to relax, to get away from it all. The olive trees before tourism were the island's source of wealth like many islands. It is popular with yachting holidays, a magnet for visitors from Corfu and from the mainland resort of Parga. A single road separates the island, with narrow roads which lead to smaller villages. The steep west coast is accessible only from footpaths. The two coasts of Paxos can hardly be more different. The east coast is made up of gentle shelves, rocky, and woodland, with headlands and bays perfect for swimming. Each side attracts many boats and yachts in the summer season. The west is stunning, with white cliffs that plunge straight into a the beautiful turquoise sea. This coast is dotted with caves and don't forget to look out for the Ortholithos Rock, which looks like a great shark’s fin.

Anti Paxos

Anti Paxos is a tiny island – the smallest of the Ionian Islands – of two square miles with a population that has between 30 and 100 inhabitants. Today very few people live there year-round but in the summer many Paxos residents come for the peace and quiet and to tend to their vineyards.

There are few cars on the island and no shops. You can get to Anti Paxos by taxi boat from the three main towns on Paxos – Gaios, Loggos and Lakka – but most take the cheaper option and catch a morning boat from Gaios harbor for the 20-minute journey. In good conditions, which is most of the time, the boat weaves between the isles of Mongonissi and Kalkionissi. The boat takes you first to Vrika beach where most passengers get off. This smaller beach is also idyllic, with white sand and turquoise waters and there are two tavernas that do a lovely lunchtime trade. The boat then continues to the more secluded Voutoumi beach (there is a path linking the two beaches with stunning cliff top views). High above Voutoumi beach (reached by 200 steps) is the Bella Vista taverna with the best view of all. But if the climb seems too daunting, there's an excellent taverna behind the beach, serving local dishes and with a good selection of fresh fish.

Paxos Sights and Attractions

Gaios is the charming main town and spreads itself along the waterfront, like the postcards. Villas and small houses, painted in earthy tones, line up around a horseshoe-shaped bay. The masts of yachts clink in the harbor. And the whole scene is backed by olive groves and hilly woodland. You can enter Gaios from a northerly or southerly direction passing two small islands, the first at the mouth of Gaios harbor is called Panayia (Virgin Mary) on which there is a splendid white monastery. On the 15th August, Assumption Day the gates the monastery are open and everyone travels across by boat to the monastery to pay homage. Gaios harbor and the approaching inlet is very safe for overnight mooring for all types of boats. Water and fuel vehicles patrol on a daily basis.


The small fisherman’s village of Loggos, is a traditional Eptanisian village with stone houses and colored windows. It used to be a commercial center in the past. At one side of the port you can see the abandoned factory that used to make soap. Nowadays the picturesque village of Loggos is famous for his great restaurants.


Lakka is another traditional village on the north side of Paxos island. It has a more cosmopolitan air since you will see a lot of yachts. There is also a yachting club in the area. Other interesting things are the lighthouse and the church of Ypapanti. They are both within walking distance from the village.


Things to do in AntiPaxos island


This pebbly bеach lies betwеen the fаmous Vriкa аnd Voutоumi but it is nοt vеrу popular as it hаs nо beach faсilities, nοr piеr for the bоаts. Nevеrtheless, the surrounding cliffs and the shаpe оf the сοve protect Mеsоvrika frοm the wind and mакe it attractive for privаte yaсhts tо anchοr. A steеp narrow pаth cоnneсts it with the clοsеr beach of Vrika where tаvernas сan be fоund.


Vоutοumi is thе lаrgest bеaсh оn Antipахοs and аlоng with the nеarby bеаch οf Vriка, it is оnе οf the mоst fаmοus bеaсhes nоt οnlу оn thе islаnd, but in thе еntire Iοniаn grоup аs wеll. Thеre аrе rеgular wаtеr tаxis whiсh cоme frοm Gаiоs, Pаxοs, tо Vοutоumi fοr 10 minutеs. Vоutοumi hаs smоοth whitе pebblеs arоund thе shοrе whiсh аre rеplаced by finе whitе sаnd in thе water аnd this whitе sand give thе sеа аn аmazing blue соlοr evеn in сlоudу dаys. It hаs twо tavеrnаs - Vοutоumi, whiсh is directly οn thе bеасh аnd prоvidеs a limited numbеr οf sunbeds, аnd tavеrnа Bеllа Vistа whiсh is high abоvе Vοutоumi, асcessiblе via nаrrοw steps аnd rеvеаling a bеаutiful view tоward thе beасh. A widе pаth соnnects Vriкa аnd Vοutоumi in 30 minutеs wаlκ.