Corfu is a stunning and beautiful island with lush, green landscapes and dramatic coastlines.  Hiring a boat is a great way to explore beaches and bays that are otherwise inaccessible, as well as being able to appreciate the beauty of the island from the sea.

There are various size boats available for rent and anyone can hire the smaller 30hp ones, for which no license is necessary.  For the more powerful boats you are required to have a speedboat license and these types of boat cannot be rented without one.

Boats are hired from around 09:00 till late in the afternoon, around 17:00, however the return time can depend on the weather.  If the weather becomes too blustery or the sea is very rough then the boat hire company may tell you to return a bit earlier.  For all clients and especially beginners, full instructions are given on operating the boat and controls, also advice on how to moor.  You will also be given directions on how far you can go along the coastline so as not to run out of fuel. 

You can book a boat with us either by using our easy online system, sending us an email or simply by contacting us by telephone.