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Frequently Asked Questions
Health and Safety
  • Are all safety standards and requirements for accommodation the same as in the UK?
  • No.  The safety standards and requirements by Greek law for accommodation can vary to those required in the UK or anywhere else and in some cases the standards may be lower.
  • Is all the accommodation child friendly?
  • We aim to ensure all accommodation is checked and is as child friendly as possible. However, it is very important upon your arrival to check the accommodation layout and read any safety instructions or manuals that may be in the property.  Familiarise yourself with the location of stairs and balconies.  We highly recommend that children are not left unsupervised in the accommodation or near balconies.
  • How can I find out more about the safety of the accommodation we plan to book?
  • For any questions about accommodation safety please contact us by phone or email and we can advise you which property is suitable for you and reassure you about any safety issues.
  • If we arrive at our accommodation and find something we feel is unsafe what should we do?
  • We advise you contact us at the office or telephone us immediately should you feel anything is not up to the health and safety standards expected.  We do not advise you to leave anything until the end of your holiday as we aim to deal with these problems promptly, for the safety of yourselves and others.

    Please contact us if anything is broken, or if you see any loose electrical wires.

  • Do any of the swimming pools have lifequards?
  • No.  None of the private villas or accommodation with pools have lifequards.  It is of utmost importance on your arrival to check the pool area and where the shallow and deep ends are.  We also operate a no-diving policy.
  • Can we use the pool in the evening?
  • We do not recommend anyone uses the swimming pools after dark or at night.  There are no lifeguards on duty day or night.  If you are spending the evening by the pool we ask you to be extra vigilant especially when alcohol is being consumed.  Despite our best efforts and advice given, it is your responsibility for the care and safety of all members of your group.
  • Are the swimming pools cleaned on a regular basis?
  • Yes, the pools are maintained and chlorine levels checked regularly to ensure safe use.  Extensive use of the pool, especially by children can occasionally cause ear infections but this does not necessarily mean the water is unclean.  However, if in doubt about the cleanliness of the pool please contact our office immediately.

    During high season when lots of people use the pool the water can turn cloudy from the excessive use of tanning lotions but the levels of chlorine will be checked and adapted accordingly.

    For your own safety, do not use the pool if you cannot see the bottom, contact us immediately.