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Frequently Asked Questions
Bars and Restaurants
  • Do the bars and restaurants open all day?
  • The majority of bars, tavernas and restaurants will stay open throughout the day from morning till late at night.  Many places offer breakfast, lunch and dinner which will be stated on their menus outside.   You will find that many of the bars also offer a vast variety of snacks throughout the day. 
  • Are children welcome in bars and restaurants?
  • Happily, for families, children are very welcome in all bars and restaurants.
  • What are the rules on tipping?
  • It is entirely up to the client if they would like to leave a tip.  As a rough guide, 10% would be gratefully accepted.
  • What are the rules on smoking?
  • A ban on smoking has not yet come to Corfu, you are not likely to find an establishment that has a non-smoking area.  Happily, for non-smokers, most eating is done outdoors during the summer.
  • Do the restaurants take credit cards?
  • Most restaurants these days take most major credit cards, however it may be wise to have some cash on you if you are not too sure.  It is not usual to pay by credit card in bars although it may be worth asking before you place an order.
  • Can I book a table in a restaurant?
  • Yes, most establishments are happy to take a reservation especially if you are with a large party.
  • Do the restaurants cater for vegetarians?
  • Yes, you will find that most, if not all, restaurants have a very varied menu and much of what they have on offer is suitable for vegetarians.  The proprietors will be very happy to explain to you exactly what is in each dish.  You will find that all menus are also translated into English.  If there is something that you do not like you can request for the dish to be altered slightly, according to your taste. 
  • Till what time at night do the restaurants serve food?
  • During the summer season the restaurants open from around 9 or 10 in the morning if they serve breakfast, and most remain open all day till late at night.  During high season you will find that many places still take orders till around 11pm, often even later.  During low season the restaurants stop taking orders slightly earlier.
  • Can I plan a special occasion, e.g. birthday, in a restaurant?
  • If you are able to give them a few days notice, most restaurants would be happy for you to celebrate a special occasion there.  Often, they will organize a birthday cake for you or help you with a surprise for someone.