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Frequently Asked Questions
Boat Hire
  • Do I need a special licence to hire a motor boat?
  • To drive a motor boat with an engine smaller than 30hp, you do not need a licence.
  • I have never driven a boat before, will I be given instructions?
  • Yes, it's quite simple and you will be given instructions on how to handle the boat and other necessary guidelines.
  • Will the boat be supplied with lifejackets?
  • Yes, it is required by law for the boat to be equipped with lifejackets.
  • If the sea gets choppy and we have difficulty, what do we do?
  • The boat company has staff on hand all day who will make regular trips out to check on all the boats that have been rented during the day.  They also have a rescue boat.  In case of difficulty or emergency they will guide you back to port.  If the weather changes for the worst, you will be told to return to the harbour.   

  • What happens if my boat breaks down whilst out at sea?
  • In the unlikely event the boat you have rented has a breakdown, wait and someone will soon be there to check all is well and you will be guided back to the port if necessary.  The boat company has staff on hand all day who make regular checks on all the boats rented.
  • Can I travel as far along the coast as I like?
  • No, when you pick up your boat you will be given a map and instructions on how far along the coast you can travel.  For safety reasons, you should not go outside of this area unless you have special permission from the boat company prior to taking the boat out.
  • Will the boat have a sun canopy?
  • Yes, most of the boats have a sun canopy but you should check with the boat company prior to leaving the harbour on how to secure it.
  • Can I use the boat in the evening?
  • No, when you pick up the boat you will be asked to return it to the harbour at 4pm.