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Travel Guide Tsilivi

Greece Zante Tsilivi


Exploring Tsilivi...

Paint and Pottery Studios

The pottery of ancient Greece is really something to marvel at. Each piece was designed and used for a variety of purposes, like marine transport. Minoan pottery, South Italian ancient Greek pottery, and Cycladic pottery are just a few examples of the types of pottery comprising a big portion of Greece's archaeological past. Learn about pottery and then for the good bit: get behind the wheel yourself at the Adamieion Ceramic Art Studio. If painting is a part of your creative streak, peruse artistic masterpieces inside Dionysia Avouri Ceramic Creations, which is also home to pottery masterpieces.

Tsilivi Water Park

You don't have to visit Tsilivi with the kids to enjoy a day at the area's water park. The tourist attraction was designed for all ages and the amusement park lures in groups, with its range of water slides and concessions. Even if you just fancy a day of sunbathing and sipping cocktails, Tsilivi Water Park is perfect for it. Prepare to be surprised as you make your way through the Water Jungle, before plunging into a huge pool from a twirling water slide!

Excursions by Boat

With caves, secluded coves, and a famous shipwreck waiting to be discovered, you would be missing out if you didn't set off on a boat tour around Tsilivi. Excursions will usually take place for the first half of the day, or the entire day. Snorkelling and swimming are two activities you can indulge in from the boat. No worries if you aren't much of a strong swimmer, because sunbathing on the top deck with the beauty of Zante surrounding you is not a bad alternative.

Local Beaches

One of the most well-known beaches in Zante is based in Tsilivi. Palm trees surround this clean beach, where tourist facilities are abundant. Based 7 kilometres from the main town of Zante, the beach is mostly sandy, but is pebbly in some areas. Tanning time can also be enjoyed at Porto Vromi, Dafni, and Porto Koukla beaches.

 Tsilivi cuisine

Get a true taste of Greece when you visit Tsilivi. The food in this region is pretty similar to what is served around the rest of the island. Always cooked fresh, the specialties include Stifado (beef or lamb-based stew), Paidakia (seasoned lamb chops), and decadent Greek desserts, like Kataifi pastries and fruit salad with yoghurt.

You can find plenty of fast food and takeaway options in Tsilivi. However, the region is so charming, why wouldn’t you want to experience the service, flavours, and sights at local dining spot?