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Why choose a holiday in Zakynthos

Zakynthos which is also known as Zante is the most southerly of the Ionian Islands and lies beneath the neighbouring island of Kefalonia. Zakynthos is the Greek name for the island but it was named Zante by the Venetians who ruled the island for over 300 years. The island is ideal for those who love sandy beaches. The coastline offers sheltered coves and dramatic cliffs up to the North. You will come across small greek villages through the olive groves and valleys full of pine forests.

Zakynthos has distinctive geographical areas which are the Vassilikos Penninsula which produces wine, currants and olive oil and the main holiday resorts which are situated along the South and East coasts. The island is always very green due to the generous rainfall in the winter and early spring and is very picturesque with its mountain ranges and turquoise seas.

  • Caretta Caretta Turtles

The highlight of a visit to Zakynthos has to be witnessing of the newly hatched turtle in the Bay of Laganas. These turtles are an endangered species and Zante has the largest concentrated nesting area in the whole of the Mediterranean.

  • Keri

Keri is also known as Limni Keri, a name from a lake which used to exist. There is a sandy pebbly beach with warm and shallow water which is ideal for young families.There is also a small river which runs into the sea. Also from Keri you can take a boat over to the nearby deserted island of Marathonisi.

  • Marathonisi

Marathonisi is a small island which is about 2km from Keri beach. There is a long sand bank which has  a setting like a Caribbean beach with its fine white sand and beautiful turquoise waters. On the other side is another sandy beach which is perfect for snorkelling along with two interesting sea caves where you can swim to or take the boat.