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Terms and  Conditions - Booking Procedures

 "Excel Car Rental”  is the trading name of “K & K Sarakinos Co.” having a registered office in Kassiopi Village Corfu 490 81 - Greece (VAT No EL999776379) and is fully licensed by the Greek Tourist Authority (Official Licence no: 08.29.E.81.00.00401.01).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, since they, along with the other relevant information on our website, set out the terms and conditions which will apply to you when you book any car hire, or any other services through “Excel Car Rental”.

Website Accuracy:

Things may change and errors may occur after information is placed on our website. We check regularly to see if we need to update or correct any information and in the event that there are any significant information changes or mistakes, we will update details on our website as soon as they are noted, allowing you to receive the latest information when you make your booking. In the event that you have already booked we will do our best to inform you, prior to travel, about any significant changes or errors which may affect you.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all information displayed on this website, regrettably errors may occasionally occur.

Definitions and Interpretations:

    In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply unless the context otherwise requires.

    "The Company” shall mean “EXCEL Car Rental” and where the context permits shall include its employees and references to “us”, “we”"our" and "ourselves" shall likewise be references to the "Company".

    “The Client” or "Renter"shall mean the person(s) in whose name the booking is made and shall include the person or person on whose behalf the same is made, whether that be an individual or another company or other legal person. It is a stipulation that the person who makes the booking and will be the main driver (“the client” or "renter") must be over 23, holder of a valid driving license for the last three years at least and that person is responsible for payment of the total cost of the booking, including any insurance premiums, cancellation and amendment charges, traffic fines or any other expense that may be or become payable. It is specifically a term of the agreement that he or she also agrees to provide accurate and full information to any additional drivers in relation to the booking, and by confirming the booking, confirms that all the other drivers, including any that are added or substituted at a later date, agree to be bound by these conditions and all other information on our website.  We regret we cannot accept any booking for drivers aged under 23 unless a special agreement is made with the Company for their Insurance coverage.

    "Arrangements" means car hire, or any other service you book through us.

    “Booking” means your booking with “EXCEL Car Rental”.

    "Conditions" means these terms and conditions.

    "You" and "your" means all persons (or any of them as applicable) named as drivers on your booking (including the person who makes the booking and anyone who is added or substituted at a later stage).

How to Book:

    One person, acting on behalf of all other(s) that may be involved, can make a booking with the “EXCEL Car Rental” online or by phone, fax, e-mail or a letter. You will be advised  of the total rental cost for all the arrangements made and also the amount you have to pay the company immediately in order for your booking to be confirmed. There will be no contract between the “company” and the “client” and no booking is valid, until a Confirmation Invoice has been issued. The company will issue the confirmation invoice after it has received the correct amount of money, being either deposit or full payment for booking or bookings concerned.

    The minimum initial deposit required for any car rental is 30% of the total rental cost, unless otherwise agreed at the time the booking is made and confirmed in writing thereafter.

    The full balance of the booking must be paid in cash or credit (subject to client's convenience) the latest on car's delivery.

How to Pay:
  1. We accept  VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX for any car rental payment and there are not any credit card charges for deposit or balance payments.
  2. Against to all the other Companies, EXCEL Car Rental will not ask you to sign any blank credit card slips as warranty on car's delivery.
Booking amendments and cancellations :

    a. Amendments:

    In some instances it may be possible to make adjustments to your booking. Any changes you may seek to make, such as, but not exclusively, changes to arrival - departure times may incur an amendment fee, which the Company will ask you to pay together with the balance. We will try our best to avoid such charges, but where that is unavoidable any of the above mentioned fees will be added on to the total booking cost.

    Ammendments concerning car type, dates or rental duration can not allways be accepted by the Company, especially notices shorter than 15 days. Again, EXCEL Car Rental will do it's up most to assist and in this matter.

    Please note:

    The Company has got allways the right to replace client's specified car in case of an accident, major damage by the previous renter or engine problem, with another vehicle of the same category, capacity and standards at no extra cost and with no obligation to notify the client previously.

    b. Cancellations:

    All cancellations made by the client must be in writing, either by fax or by receipted E-Mail. Cancellation applies only from the date of receipt by the “Company” of the cancellation notification. If the cancellation notification is received 21 days or more before the delivery date, then any deposit paid is forfeit. If the cancellation notification is received less than 21 days before the delivery, the renter has to pay the full rental amount.

    Any cancellation made by the client during the rental period is not refundable, even cancellations made for health reasons. In such an instance, the Company will provide client with all the necessary documentation in order claim money back from his personal Insurance.

    Important note

    In the instance that a client is missing his flight or delay his arrival without any previous notification, the "Company" will not charge him for staff expenses and is obliged to keep the car booked at client's disposal for the following 48 hours. In case that the client does not appear or contact the Company, with in this time limit, EXCEL Car Rental will release the booking and will charge the renter the whole rental amount.

    Responsibility for Rental arrangements:

    We bear the exclusive responsibility to ensure that "EXCEL Car Rental" will provide you with the specified car booked on the date, the time and for the period agreed.

    In case of a mechanical or any other problem occured due to bad driving or driver's negligent act or ommision of his does not create to the "Company" the obligation to replace immediately the damaged vehicle, but will provide  the renter with another one of the same standards / capacity / category within the following 12 hours.


    It is advisable that the renter will read the General Conditions of his Rental Invoice carefully, after signing his contract and will comply with them until the car is returned on the time and at the station agreed. Any violation of the General Conditons by the renter, automatically is giving him the whole responsibility for any damages or expenses may occured.

    The "Company" does not charge any Insurance Excess and also does not ask the renter to sign blanc credit card slips for warranty.